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Nuestra Ayuda is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for indigenous and impoverished communities in Costa Rica, by providing critically needed medical equipment and supplies for rural health clinics and schools.

Nuestra Ayuda translates to "Our Help."  Help those who need it most.  The Talamanca Province is the poorest region in Costa Rica, and by focusing on medical care and education, we can make a lasting change for generations to come.

  • Clean water and electricity
  • Supplies: desks, chairs, books, paper
  • Computers for school administration and coordination

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​​Hope in Action:

A big thanks to our donors and volunteers!

Anonymous Donor: $6,500.00

Golden Empire Nursing & Rehab Center: money and supplies

Norwood Pines Alzheimer: supplies

Pacific West Pharmacy: medical carts

VIsion Paint: paint, batteries and shipping boxes


Craig Michael

Dennis Allen

Konrad Solarewicz

Our Outreach team needs your help.  Several of the clinics in Talamanca lack basic emergency medical equipment.  Help us send wheelchairs, defibrillators, and first aid supplies.  Make your contribution now.


A Difference

  • Shipment of medical equipment
  • Build accessible medical facilities
  • Supply 20 defibrillators to health clinics in the Talamanca Province

Nuestra Ayuda is about joining hands to create a beautiful future.  Whether making a donation or coming out to lend a hand, your generosity and support makes what we do possible!

Urgent Projects

Our mission is to contribute to the education and health care of those living in the destitute and underserved areas of Costa Rica, by providing equipment, supplies and accessible care.

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 Schools without books.  Clinics without wheelchairs.  They exist, and they need your help.  You can make a difference!  For information on how you can help as a donor or volunteer, click on the contact button, fill out the form and we will be in touch!