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We are commited to improving the education and well being of those in need.  Help us build a better tomorrow.

Nuestra Ayuda arose from the sharing of experiences and concerns by several US citizens who spent a significant amount of time on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.  They observed that many of the rural clinics lacked basic medical equipment such as wheel chairs, crutches and updated instruments for measuring blood pressure.  Schools were often without chairs, tables and basic school supplies and buildings were in desperate need of repairs.  They began bringing medical supplies back with them, heart testing equipment and oxygen concentrators.  They repaired schools and furnished them with tables and chairs.  The success of these donations and the glowing feedback from the people of Puerto Viejo continues to inspire the work of Nuestra Ayuda today.

Foundation History

​​Registered Under Cedula # 3-006-636206 

Paul Asaro
30 years architectural experience with 25 years as a licensed architect specializing in high performance design.  Paul studied at the Sorbonne in Paris then graduated with honors from UC Berkley with a BA in Architecture.

Anthony A. Arostegui

Tony has 25 years experience in handling diverse business and real estate transactions.  Tony is highly accomplished at structuring, negotiating and documenting complex transactions.


Wieslaw Spanily Szydlak 8364-4492

Jorge William Murillo Duran

​Edward Solarewicz

Sheree Kruckenberg
Vice President of Behavioral Health at the California Hospital Association.  She served 10 years as director of developmental services with the California Association of Health Facilities.

costa Rica Chapter

Our founder

Edward Solarewicz

While walking on the beach in Costa Rica, I burnt my feet.  Badly.  Bad enough that amputation was a very real possibility.  The doctors in Costa Rica put their heart into helping me, and for eleven days they worked to save my feet and keep infection at bay.  It worked.  Because of their care, I am walking today.  And do you know what is truly amazing?  It didn't cost anything, not a penny.  It inspired me.  I decided I wanted to give back, and that was when the idea for Nuestra Ayuda was born. 

Arden Bennet
Independent Consultant with extensive knowledge of the entire continuum of care. Arden recently served as Director General of CIMA Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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recent programs

Giving computers to school administrators to aid in coordination with the Costa Rican Department of Education.